For Susan Boyle fans around the world who want to know about her performance in Japan

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I mainly write articles in Japanese here.

However, I know there are so many susan boyle's fans who are eager to know about her first and NYE performance in Japan.

Although I cannot upload any video clips on the YouTube because I do not want to be in trouble with the NHK on the matter of the copyright infringement, I can only introduce how great her first NYE performance was like in Japan and how Japanese people and medias' evaluate Susan Boyle.

Here are the articles about Susan Boyle in Japan and the NHK music gala, "Kouhaku Uta Gassen".

I hope you can understand what I wrote in English and enjoy them.


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On Dec 31st, 2009

"Susan Boyle did a great performance in Japan"

On Jan 1st, 2010

"Susan Boyle conquered Japan's biggest music gala on the NHK"

On Jan 2nd, 2010

"The NHK music gala, which Susan Boyle had been invited, got 40.8% as its rating on New Year's Eve"

On Jan 6th, 2010

"Susan Boyle gained 42.2% of rating on the NHK music gala"

"Susan Boyle will visit Japan again in the Spring."

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